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Global Coffee Merchants Fact Sheet for Roasted Coffee Beans

We use only 100% Arabica Coffee Beans and not Robusta Beans that a lot other Coffee Roasters tend to use (as using a mixture of Arabica & Robusta Beans is a cheaper alternative).

Our Coffee beans are “Single Origin”, grown in the pristine Highlands of New Guinea.

Competitive pricing as we only sell in minimum quantities of 10 kg vacuum sealed plain bags to Coffee Shops and Wholesalers for rebranding under their own private label.

Our clients are Australia-wide as well as internationally.


Our Journey

Our Coffee Bean Journey:

Papua New Guinea (PNG) coffee is mostly grown by villagers in their small garden plots, although there are also many coffee plantations that are grown on larger commercial farms.

Regardless of who grows our Papua New Guinea Coffee, all are grown at high altitudes usually exceeding 1,500 metres or 5,000 feet giving it a more delicate profile and softer tones in acidity; similar to the high altitude grown coffee from Central America that is world renowned for its quality, flavour and taste.

Papua New Guinea’s lush tropical climate is perfect for growing coffee. Our coffee beans come from the Kimel Estate that specifically presents sweet, tea-like tannins and subtle floral notes finished by a very-slight peppery after-taste.

Kimel Plantation or Estate is a large farm founded by Australian expatriates but now owned and operated by local tribal groups who claim traditional ownership of the land. It is located in the Wahgi Valley, near the town of Mount Hagen.


Producer Notes

Notes from the Producer:

Kimel is one of the very few estates in PNG and is situated to the north of Mount Hagen. We operate our own wet and dry mill, covers 600 hectares and accepts the production of local and village plantations which covers an additional 1000 hectares.

Growing Arusha, Bourbon, Typica varietals, the original trees on the estate were from the Jamaican Blue Mountains.

A combination of the unique environment and plantation practices such using coffee pulp for fertiliser, dried husks for heating and fresh, unpolluted water from the mountains all add to the estate’s sustainability practices.

Kimel beans are acknowledged for their distinctive characteristics, especially the savoury notes and bright, very pleasant acidity.


The Right Beans

PNG Coffee -
Earth and Fruit

There is a subtle difference in the typical Papua New Guinea profile, however depending on where and how the fruit has been removed and the coffee dried.

Small garden plot grown coffee has the skin and pulp removed by hand in the village and is dried onsite.

Owing to irregularities in fruit removal and processing, the coffee often adds a unique note to the basic PNG coffee profile, well known for its cleanly and sweetly delicate complexity.



Highland Beauty & History

Papua New Guinea, with its high altitudes and lush growing conditions, has tremendous potential as a source of refined and beautiful coffee.

It is also a coffee origin in transition, from historically Australian and European operated farms and mills to domination by village growers organised into cooperatives and other collective entities.

The latest development is the emergence of the powerful 100,000-member Papua New Guinea Coffee Growers Federation that now exports to the U.S. and Europe which aims at vertical integration, from cooperative farmer through export and import to roasting and retailing.

Having exposed to new coffee growing and procession techniques over time, the small farm collectives that are coming to dominate Papua New Guinea coffee production could end up producing a Pacific equivalent of Kenya coffee, less acidy but just as fruity and elegant, along with other less orthodox coffee styles that incorporate some of the serendipitous, earthy beauty of the best traditional coffees of Sumatra.


Global Coffee Merchants

Private Label

Global Coffee Merchants

Global Coffee Merchants specialises in the supply of quality roasted coffee beans in minimum ten (10) kilogram vacuum sealed one-way valve plain bags to up to full container load orders.

Clients include Restaurants, Cafes and Wholesalers who wish to serve high quality 100% arabica coffee under their own private label.

With an established reputation as a supplier of consistent quality coffee, Global Coffee Merchants now offers you a new avenue for sharing the taste of paradise with your customers.

The one-way valve bags allow coffee to continue de-gassing after roasting, but prevent oxygen from re-entering the bags, thus keeping the coffee as fresh as the day it was roasted.

Our single origin coffee beans are roasted to a lighter medium level than traditional blends to bring out its unique characteristics of individual beans from the Kimel region or source.

Traditionally this could be from one farm or several farms in a similar region that produce very similar coffee.

Tech Data

Coffee Bean Info

Technical Data:

Roast Level:Light to medium
Acidity:Floral / Citric
Origin: Papua New Guinea
Grade: Kimel Y3
Harvest: May to August
Type: 100% Arabica
Altitude: 1,500 metres and over
Consumption date: Ideally between 7 to 45 days after roast date.

Tasting Notes: A medium bodied coffee with a low to medium acidity full of flavour. Perfect for consumption any time of the day.

Domestic & Export Pricing:

Minimum 100kg per Order.


Export Orders: Irrevocable Letter of Credit from local Bank

Domestic Orders: 50% deposit on order and balance of payment prior to shipment.

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